The people you need

As I’ve gone through life I’ve met people who live to bring light into other’s lives.
I know them, don’t see them often,  but when I do it’s like they know I needed what they have to give.

Let me introduce you to one of them.

cleve 2

Today,  just as I was starting my tired journey home from town,  I saw an old friend, a musician called Cleve busking with his keyboard at the side of the street.
A beautiful human being.
A dreadlocked rasta sat at his keys playing soul and funk.
I met Cleve in a ridiculous rehearsal space under a railway bridge in the city.   I sang in his choir for a few years,  until life got busy and my Midwifery degree made a lot of routine joys impossible.  Nowadays I seem to find him when I need him,  which is fine with me.  He was a minister for 10 years and now makes his living working with the musical talent he meets.  His life is about his music, friends and family…And spreading love and acceptance among us all.

I stand to one side,  not wanting to interrupt his music but he catches my eye and finishes his tune.
The moment I walk over he envelops me in a big brown bear hug.  Breaking all social boundaries he’s holding my hands in front of me whilst he looks into my eyes,  to see if I’m OK.

I tell him I’m healing,  finding my way.  I tell him how wonderful it is to see him and he hugs me again,  at which I nearly cry.  He reminds me that I am someone who takes on others burdens,  and that I will find my path soon however difficult it may be.  I’ll find my path.

Before I leave our conversation a young girl and her mates come over,  obviously trying to be bolshy taking advantage of the lonely keyboard and mic.   The lass breaks into a tune, something recent,  expecting Cleve to tell her to bugger off but he doesn’t.  He sits at the keyboard next to her,  finds her key and joins in! Taken aback and nervous she slowly looses pitch but her voice….wow she had a pair o’ lungs behind it!  Gorgeous tone.

I see that this lass was me 7 years ago,  just starting out and in need of a mentor.   She’ll need him for the music where I needed his words.

Embrace the mentors you find,  keep them close.

I’m not a religious lass but hey,  God bless the man.

Credit to Phil Marsden Photography for capturing his grin.


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