So I have been writing quite a long post for the last few days,  that’s to come,  but Jesus I need to just STOP.
I have 4 days off in a row,  just finished my 3rd and I swear I haven’t stopped once.
Yes I had a bath last night but I was reading my book.
No thoughts allowed.
In the morning,  as soon as I am awake enough to think,  I jump up and start the day.  I don’t stop until bed.

When I’m brushing my teeth,  I try to get my work uniform ready even though my mouth gets that minty pain horribleness. When I’m cooking I’m also washing up, hanging up my washing, listening to a history podcast and/or calling my Mum.

Mindfulness is a skill I must learn….we must all learn!  Everyone.  Stop.

No.  Thinking about your next blog post is cheating.  Put the laptop ….down.


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