Dear self

Dearest,  poor, miserable self.

I’ve been thinking. Let me tell you what life is about.

Life is about chilli jam and blue cheese.
Life is about listening to your favourite white plastic vinyl with the windows wide open, filter coffee in hand.
Life is about exploring this beautiful world, one country at a time, photographing the native wildlife like you’re the first to discover it.
Life is about a well made falafel,  melted goats cheese or a soft boiled egg from your own chickens.
Life is about missing good friends…then calling them to catch up when you have enough to tell.
Life is about speeding.
Life is about working in the garden until you are so physically exhausted and covered in mud the only suitable evening activity is a lobster hot bath.
Life is about love,  however fleeting.
Life is about forgiving those you hate.
Life is about skimming stones on a still lake,  like they are the people you hate.
Life is about playing the piano,  attempting to play the guitar, and pretending you can sing.
Life is about crying so much you’re gulping at the air because you miss your Person.
Life is about new babies,  not yet spoilt.  Life is about being in the room when they are born,  the most privileged position you could hope to be in.
Life is about the people who work solely for others,  because that is their only desire.
Life is about laughing so much you wee a little bit.
Life is about watching life grow in front of your eyes.
My Life is made more bearable by a long phone call with my Mum.

Keep thinking about it
…. and go eat your dinner,  I think you’re hungry.





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